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StM = Francesco Romano by CreamPuff-Pikachu StM = Francesco Romano by CreamPuff-Pikachu
Yep! For those who are/used to be members of :iconpkmnoccrossing:, my Flareon is back! With a major change in his looks and his personality! Not to mention his backstory shall be revealed!

Oh before I forgot, this is an app for :iconstmortiel:

[EDIT ON 04/11/2014: Made a small tweak on his personality, history and fun facts/trivia section. And changed his move from Attract to Fire Blast.
EDIT ON 04/12/2014: Changed his clothes. Now he has shoes and wearing the summer school uniform
EDIT ON 05/13/2014: Leveled him up and added a few pounds and inches to Frances. Gonna update the app soon.

"~ Ah, the secret to success is to be like Francesco!"


Francesco Romano


Frances|Francis (called by his father and mother)
Franny (called by his siblings)
Coco Puffs (called by his friends)


17 | December 17



Pokemon (#---):

:iconflareonplz: #136 Flareon


Flash Fire - Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.

Nature/Summary Characteristics:

Hasty | Somewhat Vain


5" 8'


100 lbs.

Type 1:



Saffron City


Positive Traits:

+ Adventurous
+ Enthusiastic
+ Loyal
+ Self-Reliant
+ Outspoken

He has a spark for adventure and love for nature. He would even try bribing you in order to go on an outdoor adventure with him. He would take on any challenge proudly and excitedly, he ain't afraid to try something new and is confident to do so. Very loyal, he'll be your friend forever unless you provoke him. If you try understanding him more especially if you are a girl, he goes to his somewhat feminine side. He would always give out hairstyle advices and fashion advices at times. He's always looking for a challenge, any challenge for as long as he can actually do it. He would honestly speak out the truth, hurtful or not and he would be always willing to help out polish you up into a brand new you.

Neutral Traits:

* Flamboyant
* Assertive

He's very extravagant when it comes to himself about what he talks about and what he does. Well, it's not just him that he wants to look amazing and awesome. Yes, I'm talking to you! He will try to re-arrange everything you look physically. He usually self-confident at pretty much what he does eventhough there are some things he know that he is unsure of himself.

Negative Traits:

- Aggressive
- Egocentric
- Impatient
- Boastful

He LOVES to brag! That's what he does to feel superior. Or at least, what he thinks it's superior. True to his characteristics, he's very vain. He would often face the mirror and groom his so-called fabulous hair and fur. He's a total braggart too, often brags about how good-looking he is but that's pretty much it. He's very extravagant when it comes to himself about what he talks about and what he does. He never likes to wait! Nor hold his temper to himself. Sometimes, it gets the better out of him. And his well-known trait of all, he likes to flirt with girls. And guys at times.


When you're in the shoes of the son of a famous Pokemon racer for a father and a hotel heiress for a mother, how hard could your life be? This is how Francesco was living. Living in the lap of luxury. With the fame and fortune at the palm of your hands, how hard would life be? He was born in Saffron City, the last Romano sibling  to be ever born in the family. But things are different in the Romano household compared to other rich families, the siblings were taught that you can't always get what you want and you have to work hard in order to achieve or grab something in life. So as Francesco growing up, he grew up well-disciplined and hardworking inside the mansion. Like what his parents said, he treated the maids and butlers as his own family. Like literally family. He would sit down on their laps and listen to various stories about their lives. He would always spend time with his dad as he watch him race around in his car. That's where he developed the love for racing cars.

Since he and his family were traveling often, he got to experience being in different private schools. And with all the transferring to different schools, he met lots of friends from around the globe. He befriended Japanese, Chinese, American, Spanish, Filipinos, etc. during his short stays in different regions. And thus, he developed his sense of adventure and his thrill-seeker trait, always wanting to explore even more around his surroundings. Sometimes, he would get too reckless and ends up going home with bruises and cuts. One day, he made a sou wish: to become the greatest Pokemon Racer in the history of racing. And his wishes are starting to come true as his father surprised him a small kiddie kart in which he could fit in for his 11th Birthday. He would race around his kart everyday yet he would never resent to letting other people challenge him. Oh no, no, no! He loves to do this because he wanted to be just like his daddy.

Now, when he reached high school, it wasn't quite like what Francesco had expected it to be. He asked a new found friend of his and that student's answer was this:

"Hey kid! If ya want to fit in with the rest of the kids here, ya gotta have the wealth and the charisma! You got both of 'em! But there's more! You have to do exactly what they say! Never say no to them! And most of all, you must win! Win, win, win! Do anything to win! You got that? Now get out there and be the popular dude you were born to be!"

At first, he didn't believe those words but after observing everything and everyone around him, he said to himself that he'll try this popularity thing just to be sure if what his friend said is true. He started awkwardly bragging about his way of lifestyle and about his father being a famous racer. This impressed the popular kids in which in turn, Francesco was happy! He also participated in some sports events and won a few 1st Places. He grinned at the glory of being popular.

And so, he fought his way through the popular kid ladder by impressing students with his way of lifestyle and his charismatic looks. He would flaunt around his wealth and brag about his social status. He would flirt with girls and would reject them based on their physical appearances and high social standards. Clearly, he was one of the so-called cool kids. But, upon craving for more popularity, he started breaking school rules and get into bad vices such as attempting to drink alcoholic beverages and smoking weed to make himself look cool for his classmates. Not to mention, his grades were very poor. His parents, now founding out what the boy has been doing, quickly scolded him and grounded him. Angered at his parents' actions towards him, he resented to rebellious acts such as doing something that against his parents' will.

Now, he had been doing this for at least a year and he already looks like a huge mess! His friends were turning against him little by little until he has none. His once smooth pale blonde hair now a scruffy-looking hairdo. His clothes that were used to be clean and well-presented, now soiled and smells like smoke. His cheerful and outgoing self, now a bad boy with no friends to count on. He looked himself in the mirror, he didn't like what he saw in himself. He wanted to start all over again. He wanted a redo button that could go back to the way he was before. But of course, it would never happen at all in real life. He took a deep breath and decided what to do, to improve himself in a positive way that his parents wanted him to be. For 2 years, he had done nothing but mend his mistakes. He ditched his old friends who were a bad influence to him and stick to friends who are good influences to him. He started performing well in school, his academic grades were back up and running again. His parents, who stood by him through thick and thin, were proud of his actions. Eventually during his 17th Birthday, he was gifted with the Fire Stone in which Francesco evolves into a Flareon and a changed man.

A few months later, the Romano family decided to leave for the Sinnoh Region. Once they set foot in the region, his parents noticed several brochures for several schools. There were so many of them but there was one that caught their attention, St. Mortiel Academy. They were amazed at the high quality standards and the educational system. Probably so amazed that they had discussed this newfound school to their son. Francesco eagerly said yes and filled up his application. Although deep inside his soul lies a tiny hint of himself that craves for popularity at his new school. He gave off a tiny smirk at the thought of it. Uh-oh! Looks like old habits die hard, don't they? ^^;



TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves:

:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Fang - The user bites with flame-cloaked fangs. This may also make the target flinch or leave it with a burn.

:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Spin - The target becomes trapped within a fierce vortex of fire that hits them four to five times.

:iconnormaltypeplz: Quick Attack - The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. This move always goes first.

:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Blast (TM Move) - The target is attacked with an intense blast of all-consuming fire. This may also leave the target with a burn.

School Schedule:

Biomedical Ethics
Sinnoh Government & Politics
Spanish IV
Drama II
Introduction To Athletic Training
Religious Studies

Extra Curricular Activities:


Yearbook Club

Sports Team:


Fun Facts/Trivia:

A Look Into The Laughs and Loves Of Francseco

* His two sisters would often style his hair and fur, much to his dismay. That is, until he found a hairstyle that suits him which is currently his hairstyle right now. A curvy hair strand on his bangs is a sure fire to get girls to swoon after him, at least that's what he thinks. Nowadays, he would not just curl up his hair but also his neck fur and tail which was stopped by his parents saying that's isn't how a man grooms his own fur. Lol, talk about a major killjoy.

* His wardrobe consists of brightly colored clothes. Oh no, not neon colors, though. Look, we all know Francesco is into different colors and he would gladly dress up in one but he doesn't go too far in which he would look like a walking Christmas decoration. But since the StMortiel Academy has this strict dress code wherein he has to wear their school uniform, he has to limit his wardrobe. Which means he only has to bring 6 casual outfits, 2 Jackets, and 3 Pants. :nuu:

* Wondering where did he get his feminine side? Well, during his 2 years of his so-called rehabilitation days, he befriended a gay Jolteon named AJ in his old school in Castelia City. During recess break, they would always groom each other's fur under the shade of the trees. Not to mention, AJ was the one who influenced Francesco to dress in style. And that's how Francesco's feminine side came to be.

* Despite being a changed man he is today, he still has this flirty and vain personality that stuck to him like glue. I beg you NOT to show him any mirror as he would be stuck to it also like glue or insult how he looks. Beware, when he gets mad, he's like a Mankey combined with the Incredible Hulk kind of anger.

* The TM Move Fire Blast was a gift from his mother when he turned 16. She said he was respnsible enough not only to take care of himself but also control his fire attacks and therefore rewarding him with his most awaited move, Fire Blast. BUT, he barely use this attack.

* He's bisexual which means he flirts with both girls and guys. His parents didn't know about his sexual orientation as they thought he was just straight. He even made this close to being in a relationship with a guy. Too bad it didn't end in an official relationship.

* He evolved into a Flareon when he was at the level of 18.

* Despite looking all sleek and cool, he's a major fan of Iron Man. He has the whole comic book collection and most of the action figures. This was the only nerdy side of him that he is not afraid to show it. The cute nerdy side of his. <3

* The most embarrassing childhood moment is when he got his head stuck on the rails of the staircase when he was 5 years old. Heck, it took the fire department to actually pull him out of the rails. And he made a vow to NEVER do a thing like that again. That is until he got his head stuck on the tambourine when he was 7. He learned his lesson never to stick his head on anything again. We'll see if he's ever gonna do it again now that he's 17. XD

* When he was an Eevee, he did a lot of swimming. And I mean a lot. Even when he evolved into a Flareon, he would swim around in their swimming pool. Thing is, there is a time limit. He can only swim for five minutes. It sucks to be you, Francesco! XP

* He's Italian. Another advantage he uses to flirt with girls. Thing is, his friends would tease him saying that he was either the reincarnation of one of the Super Mario Bros. which ticks him off quite a bit but he just laughs it off to hold off his temper.

* He speaks in third person mode. For example, "Francesco is always ready for action! He's always prepared!". But when he's with his close friends, he never speak like that. But at times, it might slip out of his mouth.

* His American cousin is Violet Fox as his mother being American and her father are siblings. Despite their different lifestyles, they have a strong bond together as they send each other e-mails and old-fashioned letters. He was the very reason why Violet was inspired to become an artist. When he heard that Violet went to Armonia, he used to have plans on going there too but his parents disagreed. This wasn't part of the history as this is just a minor part.

* He always goes to the Host Club. Not only his charismatic looks and his way of talking solds him out of the new students but his somewhat friendly approach.

Real-Life Trivia

* Francesco Romano was inspired by Francesco Bernoulli in the Pixar Movie Cars 2 based on his personality. Though, his whole history was inspired by my cousin who also had the same fate like my character. Don't worry, my cousin said Im free to use his part of his life but just tweak it a bit as to prevent anybody from actually knowing him.

* He used to be a character made for :iconpkmnoccrossing: but soon, I got too tired of him being in there since he hasn't much improve at all with his personality. So I decided to scrape him off the group and make him into my personal character. But when I saw the StMortiel group, this might be my only chance of sending my Flareon baby to actually make some friends while undergoing a character development.

* He was originally going to be a Jolteon but when I realized that I already have a Jolteon Boy, I've decided to think up of a new species for him and when I had a Flareon on my Pokemon White Team that has the same nature and characteristics as Francesco, I decided to go with a Flareon. Plus, it suits him, right? <3
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