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PKMNocC: The Cowgirl Actress by CreamPuff-Pikachu PKMNocC: The Cowgirl Actress by CreamPuff-Pikachu
Oh look I decided to re-join and re-apply using my old characters. Yes guys, you know those characters well. <w< Thank you X-Queenie-X for helping me out with the visual app. ~

This is only for :iconpkmnoccrossing: and I will only RP with those who are in the group!

"If you're going to screw things up, it's gonna be here and not while you're away, mik!"

Name: Hikaru Mitsuzaka

Age: 18

Birthday: April 11

Gender: Female

Initial Phrase: "Mik"


+ Adventurous
+ Felicific
+ Hardworking
+ Painstaking

Hikaru could never say no to a measly adventure in the forest or basically anywhere that she hasn't been to. She's always lively and active especially with school plays. She puts herself in others more than being self-centered, always trying to help other people even if she doesn't know them personally. Very hardworking both academic and non-academic studies, she wouldn't sleep before every exam week. And she would be willing to sacrifice her rest day to help someone in need. Overall, she's your typical good-natured and friendly gal who you can depend on.

- Enigmatic
- Frugal
- Panicky
- Conformist

Despite being friendly and sweet, she kept so many dark secrets in her past life that she wouldn't dare share it to anybody not even to her closest friends mainly because she doesn't want anybody to get so caught up with any of the bad things that's happening in her life. She can be rather panicky when pressured or stressed. And sometimes, her kindness gets a little too far as most pokemon would abuse her for something else which she barely even notices sometimes.

Likes and Dislikes:

+ Battles | Volleyball | Cute Clothes | Baking | Acting | Spicy Food | Collecting Plush Toys 
- Slutty Clothes | Perverts | People who stare at her breasts | People messing with her tail | Disappointing others 


- Knee Paddings (hidden under her pants)


Usually a Cinccino would love to clean something that's dirty and is very self-conscious about it's fur. Well, the tables have turned when Hikaru is around town. 

Hikaru was born from a Lopunny Father and a Cinccino Mother in Solaceon Town in the Sinnoh Region. Being the eldest of the three Mitzusaka Sisters means a lot of responsibility on her tiny paws. Other than that, she wasn't raised like most Cinccinos as she was more attached to her father. Every morning, they would train in the outskirts of town. And it's not just training but also hard labour such as fishing with her bare paws or carpentry. 

During her elementary years, she had found an interest with school plays after participating in one as one of the backstage crew and this sparked her determination to get in each school play as possible which develop into a new talent for the young Minccino. Throughout her school years, she was always the star of the stage making her parents proud and creating a small fanbase about her thanks to the boys. Eventually, she was given a small gift as a token of appreciation from her parents, a Shiny Stone which made her evolve into a Cinccino just like her own father.

Eventually when she entered into her high school years, she had noticed something... Strange in the atmosphere. Perhaps puberty? Of course it is! But in a way wherein other male pokemon tend to see it in their view. The perverted kind of view, much to her dismay. She tried avoiding their glances or simply them but no such luck. That's when some guy pushed her to the limits which involves attempting to lick her neck for some absurb unknown reason and this ticked her off. When the Cinccino got back home, she immediately told this to her father who in turn, complained to the parents of the boy. It was unknown to her if that situation was resolved or not.

The whole situation didn't do any help as rumors about it quickly spread via Facebook which made her the laughing stock of the whole school. Not only that but it was also the wrong information too. This made Hikaru feel unwanted and a bit helpless even if she and her friends tried to break the rumors off. Not only that, her dreams of becoming an actress is shattered and her academic grades are on a downhill. Her parents thought about this and they have decided to confront this situation face-to-face with the principal only to find out that the principal misunderstood saying that Hikaru licked the boy's neck instead of the other way around. And this is how her father reacted:

"You know what. YOU KNOW WHAT?! My baby doesn't even deserve to be here! This school is nothing but filled with uncivilized students here! You seriously believe in that s***?! So help me I WILL sue this school!"

And so in the end, she was quickly dropped out from that school and has been transferred from several public schools, all been dropped out due to the same problem. Due to this, she wasn't able to finish college at all! And with her age, she was required to find a job. And thus, she went on a job hunt with her younger sister. Months later after the last job she quit, she left alone without her sister. That's where she encountered a little town called Aloe Town.

Unfortunately, Hikaru was too uncomfortable with her not finishing school so she left the town to finish college. She did eventually and decided to come back with an all-new make-over!

Fun Facts:

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Demiromantic

- Her last job was working as a maid for a master in a mansion. She quit her job after learning her master was perverted.

- Despite liking battles, she tries to avoid them for unknown reasons.

- Never EVER look at her boobs. I know they're large and you want to touch them but you should know that it won't end well if you do so. ~

- Her tail is longer and fluffier than most Cinccinos.
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