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December 14, 2013
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PKMNC App = Hareta Suzuki by CreamPuff-Pikachu PKMNC App = Hareta Suzuki by CreamPuff-Pikachu
Lol I was a bit tired with Becca the Ralts so I decided to bring back my Audino, Hareta! >w<

This is for :iconpkmn-crossing:

:bulletpink: NAME: Hareta Suzuki

:bulletpink: NICKNAMES: 

:bulletyellow: Harry = During his stay in America, he was often called Harry instead of his actual name. He doesn't seem to mind this, though.

:bulletpink: SPECIES: Audino :iconaudinoplz:

:bulletpink: GENDER: Male

:bulletpink: BIRTHDAY: May 17

:bulletpink: ZODIAC: Taurus

:bulletpink: AGE: 22

:bulletpink: NATURE: Docile

:bulletpink: CHARACTERISTIC: Likes To Relax

:bulletpink: PERSONALITY:

+ Adventurous
+ Dedicated
+ Easygoing
+ Generous
+ Humorous
+ Resourceful

Since he usually travels around the world with his family, he developed his sense of adventure, often going from one new city to another without any second thoughts. He would go there and drop by to any restaurant, diner, or fastfood. He loves cooking with a passion and would often be busy inside his kitchen, cooking up some random food recipe that he found from the Internet or the book. He doesn't do it by the book, he does it by heart and soul. He could get along with most Pokemon and wasn't taught to hate anyone personally nor bear a grudge against others, and often sees the good in others which pretty much makes him a bit naive when it comes to bad situations. He usually puts himself in others first before himself and would gladly share all of his belongings but probably except for his backpack in which he doesn't allow anyone to touch it. He could act quite silly and stupid sometimes when he tries to carry around his huge backpack and would often goof around. And his well-known trait is for agreeing to everything a certain friend's opinion or decision. Overall, he could be a good friend for everyone.

- Accident-Prone
- Anxious
- Clumsy
- Gullible
- A Bit Superficial
- Untidy

Yes, his other well-known trait is for tripping all over the place and often getting body injuries, cuts, wounds, and bruises but he doesn't seem to mind them, even if it hurts just a bit. When it comes to cooking in a restaurant, he is EXTREMELY cautious about handling the food or what ingredients does he use for the recipe, and would practically freak out if the recipe doesn't turn out well for the customer. Ironically, he doesn't do it by the book and yet he still panics over a recipe going wrong. Due to him seeing the good in others, he doesn't think twice about his actions and would often be tricked by scams and tricks by Pokemon tricksters and such. Despite seeing the true meaning behind every food recipe, he is a bit shallow and would tend to take things too literal. 

:bulletpink: CATCHPHRASE: Cheri (Japanese word for "cherry")

:bulletpink: JOB: Junior Chef (That was how he was ranked back at his home city)

:bulletpink: HOME TOWN: Tokyo, Japan

:bulletpink: HISTORY:

Audino = Age 1-3

~ Ah, the city of Tokyo, one of the most populated cities in Japan. Between the fashion boutiques and sushi bars, this has got to be one of the most exciting places in the world! And so is this little Audino we are about to encounter. He was given the name Hareta by his loving Audino Mother and Sylveon Father, the oldest of his 3 brothers and 2 sisters. As a child, he and his family travel abroad due to their parents being both famous chefs and the fact they can't leave their children alone with a nanny or babysitter and boy, was it exciting! With so much colorful scenery and such delicious cuisines, Hareta develops a sense for adventure. And with his parents being role models for him, he wishes to become a professional chef just like them.

Audino = Age 3-11

His elementary school years weren't the best years in his life, there were bullying and school stress but the Audino doesn't let these obstacles get in the way of his goal to becoming a chef. He manages to get passing grades and the highest grade he got so far was Home Economics since it mostly involves cooking. Now, he met this tomboyish Cinccino by the name of Hikaru and the two instantly became good friends. They share the same common interest and that is cooking. They would often be partners during a tag team cooking challenge and they would spend their time together by looking through recipe books in the school library. No, they weren't lovers, they treat each other like siblings at this time.

Audino = Age 11-16

By the time he hits high school, he then realized it was much more different from elementary. There were so many school activities and so little time. But the Audino still hasn't given up on his dreams and so far, he managed to at least get passing grades in every subject and Home Economics was the highest yet again. Now, after finishing high school which is now during the summer vacation, he then attempts to cook without the consent and help from Hikaru. At first, he would often make several mistakes which of course, freaked out a bit when he served it among his family members. But over a year, he got better and until such time, he decided to take up the course for Culinary Arts.

Audino = Age 17-19

He finally graduated from college and got his degree! Now what? He didn't know where else to go? And just in the nick of time, his father and mother offered him to work alongside with them and for the Audino, this is a dream come true! He thought it would be easy to become one of the greatest chefs in a fancy restaurant. Hareta, together with the whole family, moved to America in Orlando, Florida where he and his parents now work in Norman's at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando where he'd never expected that it would be harder than he thought it would be. For a year, they have worked under a crabby and vain Magmortar boss named Edward who would often scold his employees most especially Hareta's parents. And by the looks of it, Hareta didn't like it but he kept his mouth shut throughout his work years.

Then one day, his parents decided to retire their jobs and letting their son carry on the Suzuki family name. And so, they left, leaving Hareta alone to do the job as a rookie chef. He was often scolded for his various mistakes in every food dish and there were so much food dishes to be done with so little time and no breaks or rest. This totally stressed him a lot, realizing that his dreams slowly breaking apart.

One day, a pokemon food critic arrives into the restaurant, every employee broke into panic including the Audino. Then, at the day, he screwed it all up! He was so tired and stressed out, he put the wrong ingredients and made the wrong process resulting in a horrible-tasting food dish. It was served to the food critic and as expected, she didn't like the food. Furious, the Magmortar boss quickly scolded the Audino in which Hareta couldn't take it anymore and this was the first time he had ever have this feeling. He ranted back at the Magmortar and stormed off, both furious and tired. 

After awhile from walking out of the kitchen and closing time, he sat on the curb nearby the restaurant, feeling quite low with himself. Edward knew in an instant something wasn't quite right with the Audino. Maybe that Audino was a chef-in-training? Maybe he couldn't handle all the stress and pressure? Edward's thoughts about it flow onto his mind and decided to confront him, face-to-face. He went outside and sat beside the Male Audino on the curb. This is how their conversation went:

Edward: Hey, Harry...

Hareta: ....What? *he didn't look back at the Magmortar* Look, Im sorry that I snapped at you. I was tired. You can fire me if you want. *he said as he slumped back into the curb again*

Edward: *sighs* I came here to... Uhh... Apologize for scolding you too much. It wasnt your fault... I realized that... You're still a rookie chef... And pretty much, I don't think you're bad at cooking. You just need a little polishing... *he nodded and faintly smiled*

Hareta: Hmm? *he looked at the Magmortar* What am I supposed to do then? Improve, right?

Edward:*he stood up proudly* Why yes, of course! Back in the years before I became a boss, I was just like you too! Actually, this was the same situation I was in. But my boss told me NEVER give up. All hope is not lost, m'boy! You can still improve! You were born to cook! It was a sign from Arceus! You mustn't give up! *he looked around to see other Pokemon looking at him shouting from the heavens, he cleared his throat* Actually, to tell you the truth, I want to mold into the best chef in the restaurant! No, in the cooking world!

Hareta: R-really, sir?! *he said in shock and amazement*

Edward: Absolutely! It's all free of charge! I'll be your mentor throughout every step of the way!

And so they made a deal, Hareta was now officially the apprentice of Edward the Magmortar. For the first few weeks, it was very rocky. He had done so many mistakes during this time but both Pokemon didn't lose hope in each other.

Audino = Age 20-21

After 2 years under the guidance and partnership of Edward, he had learned so many things about the cooking world such as learning new ingredients and using alternative ingredients for each food dish, and other food-related stuff. He climbed up towards the rankings of a chef from a newbie chef to a junior chef. Of course, he won't stop there! He must keep practicing until he succeeds. Soon, he entered in a local cooking competition and won second place. He felt proud of himself but the Magmortar shook his head, the Audino shouldn't be satisfied for just being a second place. He must win! But Hareta shook his head and said that for as long as he enjoyed it, he is already a first placer and this made Edward smile a bit.

Eventually, he entered several cooking competitions, both local and international and won a few 1st place and 2nd place medals. Of course, his family became wealthy as ever but they were still the down-to-earth Pokemon they are before and until now. Hareta's dreams are finally becoming a reality! But, is he really satisfied with winning competitions?

Audino = Age 22 (Present)

It's been five years since he joined Norman's at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando and look at him now! Now a professional chef working in a five-star restaurant! He has won so many trophies and medals. But, something wasn't quite right, he wasn't happy at all. In fact, he became a bit lonely. And this immediately caught Edward's attention. The Magmortar held him gently onto the shoulders and said this:

"M'boy, we've been together for quite some time now. Don't take this the wrong way, though! I did t mean in a gay-ish kind of way! What I mean is, you must share your gift from Arceus to the world! Use your talents for the greater good in others! Be the man you have been raised by your loving parents! Go forth to the world, Harry!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Edward gave the Audino a dark blue toque, a reminder of their friendship. Hareta then takes the toque and proudly puts it on top of his head and with a vigorous handshake, the Audino resigns of becoming a chef in Norman's at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. He even told his parents about this and they respected his decision.

And with his belongings packed up, he sets out for a new adventure!

:bulletpink: EXTRAS:

:bulletyellow: Height: 5ft. 10in.
:bulletyellow: Weight: 140 Ibs.
:bulletyellow: Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
:bulletyellow: Relationship Status: Single
:bulletyellow: Pokemon Ability: Regenerator = Regenerator causes the user to restore HP by ⅓ of its maximum HP when switching out.

~ He often uses his ability when he sometimes gets night shifts during his work days back at his old restaurant and he hasn't got enough sleep for the next day. ~

:bulletyellow: Moveset:

:iconnormaltypeplz: Helping Hand = Helping Hand is an increased priority move that will raise the base power of the adjacent ally's move in a Double Battle and Triple Battle by 50%. It will fail if used in a Single Battle. It will also fail if all of that Pokémon's allies have already moved.

~ He does this when he's either helping out in the household chores such as washing the dishes and stuff, or helping out with the cooking in the restaurant. ~

:iconnormaltypeplz: Refresh = The user rests to cure itself of a poisoning, burn, or paralysis.

~ He mostly gets burns while cooking so he uses this move to heal himself. Lol, this is pretty much self-explanatory. ~

:iconfiretypeplz: Incinerate (TM Move) = The user attacks the target with fire. If the target is holding a Berry, the Berry becomes burnt up and unusable.

~ During a power-out and the stove isn't working, he uses this move to cook the food without having to be troubled by the stove not working. So far, he often uses this move for cooking purposes only so it could save up electricity and stuff. ~

:icondarktypeplz: Fling (TM Move) = The user flings its held item at the target to attack. Its power and effects depend on the item.

~ Okay, this is pretty much a joke move whenever he accidentally trips while holding something. He flings the object he is holding! X'D ~

:bulletyellow: Parents & Siblings:

:bulletblue: Atsushi Suzuki = Father (Sylveon)
                    Age: 51
                    Nature: Relaxed
                    Summary Characteristics: Loves To Eat
:bulletblue: Sakura Suzuki = Mother (Audino)
                    Age: 49
                    Nature: Mild
                    Summary Characteristics: Nods Off A Lot
:bulletblue: Ai Suzuki = Second-Born Child & First Daughter(Vaporeon)
                    Age: 20
                    Nature: Careful
                    Summary Characteristics: Sturdy Body
:bulletblue: Toshi Suzuki = Third-Born Child & Second Son(Espeon)
                    Age: 19
                    Nature: Modest
                    Summary Characteristics: Often Lost In Thought
:bulletblue: Seiji Suzuki = Fourth-Born Child & Third Son (Sylveon)
                    Age: 15
                    Nature: Sassy
                    Summary Characteristics: Likes To Relax
:bulletblue: Maiko Suzuki = Fifth Born Child & Second Daughter (Audino)
                    Age: 11
                    Nature: Bashful
                    Summary Characteristics: Highly Curious

:bulletyellow: Hobbies:

:bulletblue: Cooking

- Cooking is his number one talent! He loves it with a passion and wishes to improve more. He would often welcome guests and neighbors, bringing along his food dishes with him. He wanted to share his talent for the greater good. And sometimes, he might help out in the preparation of foods during special events.

:bulletblue: Traveling

- He loves traveling thus often bringing him along his souvenirs such as keychains and other small objects from around the world for remembrance. He would even bring some souvenirs for his friends. He also has a collection of different stamps and money currency from different countries.

:bulletblue: Watching Anime Shows & Anime Cosplaying

- Growing up in Japan means he grew up wherein he has seen tons of cosplaying thus, sparked his interest for watching anime and cosplaying them. His favorite anime shows are Onegai My Melody because he claims that's its an adorable anime show and Baka To Test To Shokanjuu because he claims that the education system in the school in the anime is similar to his eventhough it's not.

:bulletyellow: Favorite Food:

He mostly loves his home cuisine, the Japanese Cuisine but he could go for any type of cuisine. He prefers desserts and omelets and so far, his two favorite foods are Daifuku and Tamagoyaki.

:bulletyellow: Likes & Dislikes:

+ Collecting stamps and souvenirs.
+ Fishing
+ Cooking (Duh!)
+ His toque given by Edward
+ The Color Pink
+ Playing Pictionary game
+ Cute Objects & Pokemon
+ Cute and small girls
+ Crossdressing</strike>
+ Parties

- Rude Food Critics
- Rainy Weather
- Someone taking off or breaking his glasses
- Stressful days
- Staying in one place
- Tasteless food dishes

:bulletyellow: Trivia:

:bulletblue: He's both fluent in English and Japanese.
:bulletblue: He doesn't care much for his own weight.
:bulletblue: He actually has contact lens given by his mother but he was afraid to use them for some reason so he rather use glasses.
:bulletblue: He loves the color pink. He claims that the color pink is a manly color.
:bulletblue: It is quite unknown what are his fears.
:bulletblue: He's a terrible liar.
:bulletblue: He is usually mistaken for a girl when he takes off his glasses due to the fact that most pokemon assume that most Audinos are female but he doesn't seem to mind.
:bulletblue: He sometimes crossdress when nobody's around. It's one of his so-called guilty pleasures.
:bulletblue: He can be a bit of a slow thinker.
:bulletblue: Like most Audinos, his ears are highly sensitive to most noises even small whispers. So, he might be eavesdropping in your conversations BY ACCIDENT.
:bulletblue: He is the life of the party when it comes to parties.
:bulletblue: When he first heard of his ability "Regenerator", he thought that his body parts would regenerate when one of his body parts would be cut off.
:bulletblue: He has this cute soft spot for cute and small things and Pokemon.
:bulletblue: He used to play the bamboo flute.
:bulletblue: His name "Hareta" was taken from the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventures for his trait of befriending any pokemon and would protect any Pokemon who are in danger.
:bulletblue: He was originally gonna be inspired by Lenny Feder (played by Adam Sandler) from the comedy film "Grownups".
:bulletblue: He was a former resident of :iconpkmnoccrossing: but was moved since he claimed that th atmosphere there is too quiet for him.
:bulletblue: He used to have a slight crush on Hikaru the Cinccino.
:bulletblue: He's 5'7, a bit tall from a normal Audino.
:bulletblue: He often uses Japanese honorifics as a sign of respect towards others.
:bulletblue: He strongly dislikes battling as he claims to be a start of violence and war.
:bulletlblue: It's very rare to see him angry but if you ever pressed the wrong buttons on this Audino, it won't be a pretty sight to see.
:bulletblue: He is left-handed.

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saharafang261 Dec 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Magmotar/ Gordon Ramsay??? :meow:
CreamPuff-Pikachu Dec 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh god! I didn't noticed! XD Meh, I actually did. XD Gordon is actually one of the most brutal and favorite chefs around. X'D
saharafang261 Dec 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Chef Ramsay and Simon Cowell are my favorite brutal people c:
CreamPuff-Pikachu Dec 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is why I critique so harshly in my school. :iconmingplz:
I love both of those people and I looked up to them. XD
saharafang261 Dec 16, 2013  Student General Artist
They really are the best role models out there, being dead blunt and stating there minds with a crap load of swearing and anger management XD
CreamPuff-Pikachu Dec 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Im trying to be blunt but the best thing I could ever do is being blunt in real-life and not in the Internet. ;w;
When it comes to food and art, Im brutal with people. X'D
saharafang261 Dec 17, 2013  Student General Artist
everyone needs a Chef Ramsay sometimes lol
CreamPuff-Pikachu Dec 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I wish Gordon could visit in my place. ;w;
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